Chronic Dieting

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Many people make comments about dieting and weight loss.  However, for some people, there is a lifetime history of different diets and exercise programs with weight fluctuation.  Chronic dieting, while often accepted by society, can be dangerous to a person’s physical and mental health.

Signs of being a chronic dieter can include:

  • A history of trying many different diet and exercise programs
  • Short-term success in some of the diet and exercise programs
  • A history of weight fluctuations
  • A sense of failure and guilt when weight is not lost or is regained
  • Identifying your weight at the time when thinking about your past
  • A sense that you would be happier if you lost (and kept off!) weight.

If you or someone you care about is exhibiting some of these symptoms, it is possible to break the cycle of “yo-yo dieting”.  Breaking the cycle often requires changing your relationship with food and your body versus finding the perfect diet.  The changes often can help with the sense of guilt and shame, feelings of depression, or the sense that you are being held back by your weight from enjoying various aspects of life.  I  provide an initial assessment and individual therapy for chronic dieters who are ready to stop the cycle of dieting and ready to start changing their relationship with food and their body.