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My Treatment Approach

In my practice, I focus on providing a comfortable environment and collaborative relationship for us to address the concerns that are leading you to seek therapy. Together we will explore patterns or behaviors that may be interfering in achieving the life you want, allowing us to then actively make changes in these patterns. I believe everyone makes changes at their own pace and will work with you where you are. My goal is to help you move forward toward a life that you find valuable, fulfilling, and satisfying.

I am passionate about helping each person achieve their goals and to live their best life. I look forward to the opportunity to be part of your journey. Please reach out so I can help you get started in freely living your life!

My Education & Experience

Dr. Chassity is a licensed clinical psychologist with over a decade of experience in the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and substance use.  She is passionate about helping people develop an ability to accept, validate, and care for themselves.  She believes in focusing on building from personal strengths, navigating through fears, and achieving sustainable change.

Dr. Chassity chooses a treatment approach based on the presenting issues, evidence based practices, and the needs of the person.  She utilizes techniques from CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), ACT (acceptance commitment therapy), ERP (exposure response prevention), and self-compassion therapy in order to facilitate growth and change. She is currently developing competence in RO-DBT (radically open dialectical behavior therapy) in order to more effectively address issues of perfectionism, social anxiety, chronic OCD and anxiety, chronic depression, anorexia, and avoidant personality disorder.  In addressing eating disorders, she strongly believes in removing the focus on weight and increasing a focus on caring for the body.

Dr. Chassity was an adjunct professor at Alliant University in the clinical psychology program. Dr. Chassity previously worked at The Anxiety Treatment Center in the Intensive Outpatient Program, focusing on the treatment of OCD and other anxiety disorders.  She previously worked as the Clinical Director at Eating Recovery Center of California and Aspire Wellness Center, programs specialized in the treatment of eating disorders.  Dr. Chassity also previously worked at Kaiser Permanente as an outpatient adult therapist specialized in the treatment of eating disorders and substance use disorders.  

Currently, Dr. Chassity is able to provide telehealth (video) services in California and Georgia.

My Trusty Coworkers

My pup likes to help out much of the time from the background, so if you hear anything during the session it is likely him. Duncan is still a puppy and may move around while hopefully not causing a distraction!

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